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Patrick Rahilly, Licensed Specialist, of The Hearing Aid Centers Of SW Florida has over 15 years of experience and owned his practice in SW Florida for about 10 years. Mr. Rahilly is a member of BNI Organization (Business Network International), and is actively involved in the community. He is also a Member of the International Hearing Society. Licensed HAS/HIS.

Our goal is to help people with their hearing loss because we believe HEARING is a gift!

If you have a love one in your family who suffers from hearing loss or ringing in the ears, we want to bring back the joy of hearing. For that reason, we carry all brands from basic to ones with new technology, and provide complete services and repairs in a comfortable personalized atmosphere.

In our last TV interview with Jackie Figueroa at Accion Hispana Our Licensed Specialist "Patrick" explained and educated the community the importance to take care of one's hearing health in order to avoid future hearing loss and at the same time the importance for the younger people to understand how the new Technology era can affect their future hearing. 239-481-4327


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